The Battle Over The Trinity Toll Road

The Trinity Toll Road has divided Dallas into two camps: those who say it is a necessary way to control traffic and those who say it’s an outmoded solution. On THINK, we discussed the pros and cons of the project with experts from both sides of the argument.

  1. A team of design experts revealed their recommendations for the Trinity Parkway yesterday. The so-called ‘dream team’ was assembled by Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings to suggest changes to Trinity Parkway design.'
  2. The current design is a six-lane, nine-mile toll road within the Trinity River’s levees to relieve congestion from the Mixmaster. The planning team recommended that instead, the park should design the road.
  3. The recommendations included reducing the size, speed and number of ramps on the parkway. The overall goal:the park should dictate the design of the road.
  4. Architect Robert Meckfessel and North Central Texas Council of Governments Director of Transportation Michael Morris were on Think to discuss the divisive project.

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