"Donald Rumsfeld" tweet reminds us: be careful of public wishes

Someone who runs the Twitter account for Donald Rumsfeld opened the proverbial can of worms this week. Over taxes.

  1. donald-rumsfeld-office-hero.png
  2. Someone in my Twitter feed retweeted this...
  3. Some (okay, a lot) of the responses were classic Twitter. This first one has more retweets (273 to 240) and more than three times as many likes (906 to 294) as the original:
  4. rumsfeld-war-crimes.png
  5. Did Donald Rumsfeld write this tweet? Because the account looks "spoofy" even with the validated checkmark.

  6. Let's deconstruct the "verified account".
  7. donald-rumsfeld-office-bio.png
  8. First a, quibble: it's his photo, but it is not his name on the Twitter account.
  9. Second, a raised eyebrow: "app developer of @PlayChurchill". App developer?
  10. Third, a yellow flag: the URL associated with the account is a game, churchillsolitaire.com.
  11. Rumsfeld is, however, involved with the application.

  12. And the Wall Street Journal called him a "developer." From the January 2016 news release:
  13. “When I learned the game from my colleague at NATO, Andre de Staercke, I found it to be one of the most entertaining and strategic card games I’d ever played,” said Donald Rumsfeld.
  14. "Decades later Rumsfeld, now 83, worked with a team of developers to turn the game into an app."
  15. "This game is clearly a must for all those who fancy themselves strategists. As with so many strategic games, there's no guarantee you'll win. The lovely thing about solitaire, however, is that you can tell everyone you did."
  16. I question the linkage of a personal statement about taxes on an account ostensibly set up to promote an online game.

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