#melsigus Media and Enhanced Learning Special Interest Group

One day event at the University of Sussex, 9th September 2014. Focus on Digital Media Interaction and Inclusivity. The day will address questions like ‘how effective are digital tools at supporting inclusive learning?’, ‘what challenges do they create?’

  1. From ‘boundary transgressions’ to live twitter sessions: The challenges and opportunities of social media for social work education and practice
    Dr Denise Turner, Lecturer in Social Work, School of Education & Social Work, University of Sussex - Denise will explore the implications of using social media connections within social work practice, education and research.
  2. Designing Location-aware Nature Games: Widening Participation in Informatics and Product Design
    Dr Kate Howland (Informatics) and Catherine Grundy  (Product Design), University of Sussex - We will give an overview of an ongoing project using location-aware game creation as a widening participation activity for young people. We will present some example games and highlight the skills and understandings involved in the activity, as well as noting how this project relates to our own broader research agendas..
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