Brad Pitt Buys Rights to Movie About Steubenville Rape

On August 11, 2011 an intoxicated 16-year old girl who was was gang-raped by football players from Steubenville, Ohio. The town nearly split over the case. Supporters of the perpetrators slut-shamed the victim. The victims' supporters suggested a coverup to protect the players.

  1. The case gained national news when blogger, Alexandria Goddard, began writing about it. As an online investigator helping parents keep track of their kids online, Goddard immeditately began looking for evidence of the incident online. She posted what she found. She was sued by the family of one of the boys whose content she posted. When her extended family began getting death threats, a friend of Goddard's was able to contact the hacktivist group 'Anonymous.'
  2. Brad Pitt's "Plan B" studio has purchased the rights to David Kushner's "Anonymous Vs. Stuebenville." Reaction to this news trends toward the negative.
  3. Tara Culp-Ressler writing for would rather not dilute the serious issue of rape culture with a sidetrack into vigilantism. "But even outside of the larger debate over whether or not Anonymous’ vigilantism helps victims, sexual assault is an issue that doesn’t really need more protagonists."
  4. As Culp-Ressler points out, this is especially troubling in a world where "sexual assault cases become interesting only when they involve an outside intervention to legitimize a woman's abuse."
  5. Amanda Marcotte, writing for Slate is withholding judgment. She writes, "If this movie ends up showing young men a new model for masculinity, one where you stand up for a woman's right to safety instead of wallow in a "bros before hos" mentality, then I will consider it a win."
  6. When promoting the article, Slate, the magazine for whom Marcotte wrote, said, "Rape is a MEN'S issue."
  7. It is impossible to deny that the American culture objectifies women. And while it is reasonable to expect that all decent humans would stand up in defense of rape victims, this is not often the case. Jackson Katz, speaking at TEDxFiDiWomen articulates the powerful role that good men can and must play in addressing the patriarchal privilege that feeds into the rape culture.