Kelley's Twitter Scavenger Hunt

On Feb. 11, Lehigh's J230 class participated in a "twitter scavenger hunt" along with other journalism classes in the US. Here is my scavenger hunt experience.

  1. The hunt started off pretty interesting with this emabrassing selfie video...

  2. Luckily, I wasn't the only one in the spotlight. A number of people were interviewed during this time, such as Lehigh senior Cassie Barker who talked about school spirit.
  3. And Freshman Margy Taylor, who couldn't help but talk about how much she loves the UC.
  4. But my favorite interview goes to professor Richard Aronson, who thinks social media is "not so important."
  5. But that's okay because freshman Alexndra Marsillo needs social media to catch up on the latest news!
  6. But aside from interviews, the harest scavenger hunt question was finding something that contributes to Lehigh's cutting edge research. Thank god for this SiteKiosk!
  7. Which is located in this awesome building.
  8. But there are many beautiful buildings at Lehigh!
  9. But back to the interviews, which were the hardest part, especially finding people who had an opinion on the basketball team here at Lehigh! Thank god Madi Morgan had an opinion.
  10. Who also spent some time in the UC checking out Lehigh's awesome clubs.
  11. But in the end, my favorite part of this hunt was question 10. Where I could report news any way I wanted!
  12. In the end, there were a number of tweets that I enjoyed, other than my own.
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