NY State Primaries Loom Large

On Tuesday April 19th, New York state voted in the presidential race in the form of the Democratic, and Republican primaries.

  1. Front runners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton won their respective races.
  2. Donald Trump also won his "actual" home state of NY on Tuesday, and his supporters were happy with that result.
  3. Some, not so much.
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  5. Including Trump's own party.
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  7. On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders in her adoptive home state.
  8. Congratulations, @HillaryClinton, on your victory in the #NYprimary tonight! #ImWithHer
    Congratulations, @HillaryClinton, on your victory in the #NYprimary tonight! #ImWithHer
  9. Hillary Clinton is quite happy about her decisive win. As well as some of her fans.
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  11. Although some feel that Bernie Sanders has been cheated out of votes.
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  13. Although the NY race is over, there is still plenty left to go.
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