Dataharvest+ conference 2014

Once again Brussels was the sizzling centre of European data journalism during's Dataharvest+ conference from 8 to 11 May. Journalists, coders, researchers and data specialists came together to get trained, discuss ideas and share skills with colleagues from all trades.

  1. The first keynote of the conference was given by EU ombudswoman Emily O'Reilly, herself a former investigative journalist.
  2. While ombudswoman O'Reilly was giving her keynote, IT architect Arjen Kamphuis set up his Security Zone in one of the workshop rooms. Journalists could check into the Security Zone throughout the conference for an introduction to privacy and information security concepts for secure communication.
  3. With the EU elections coming up, Europe was one of the main topics at this year's conference. After ombudswoman O'Reilly's keynote, focus shifted to the use and availability of data in the EU. The TED (Tenders Electronic Daily) database was discussed, as well as the new data catalogue of the European agencies.
  4. Eastern and central European journalists presented the new online investigative journalism platform The Black Sea.
  5. There was time for informal networking too, as mayor Yvan Mayeur of Brussels invited us to the beautiful Town Hall of Brussels on the equally beautiful Grand Place on Friday evening. He speeched, offered us a drink and a historical tour through the town hall.
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