1. Your editor has been busy with a few conferences in recent weeks. So, here is an update on what's being written about the live-streaming video movement:
  2. Maybe Aaron Paul wasn't taking Periscope seriously enough when he told his fans that a Breaking Bad spinoff was in the works -- because he was only joking. Periscope archives videos for only 24 hours, but somebody made a copy:
  3. Top secret not so top secret anymore..... | Aaron Paul - Periscope Yayını
  4. Newsrooms are now mining Periscope and Meerkat, "which have created a whole new world of user-generated content," according to ibtimes.com:
  5. For instance: "With permission granted and proper credit secured," CBS recorded and shared:
  6. David Letterman's marquee comes down at the Ed Sullivan Theater
  7. More professional sports venues are banning live-streamers:
  8. While we're seeing some experiments across the pond:
  9. Hillary Clinton's campaign is using Periscope:
  10. And so is Donald Trump:
  11. We're seeing lots of tips for users:
  12. The conversation is progressing around piracy:
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