1. "NomadCast isn’t a social app, it’s an iOS live-streaming app first and foremost," according to Tech Crunch:
  2. NomadCast has already "partnered with several French newspapers who are using it for coverage of breaking new," Venture Beat reported:
  3. Here's how archived streams appear, complete with an embed code:
  4. In a report about Facebook "Live," Forbes brought up NomadCast as well as a couple of other new alternatives:
  5. And B2C reports that there are "hundreds of other mobile and live streaming applications already out there:"
  6. Get the NomadCast app now:
  7. Or visit the NomadCast site for more info:
  8. You can connect with @NomadCastApp on Twitter:
  9. And there's already a WordPress plugin for NomadCast -- although untested by your editor
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