1. "Facebook is making an app that was previously only for celebrities and other public figures available to journalists with verified profiles," according to niemanlab.org:
  2. Journalists can now "report from the scene with Live, host a Q&A and connect in real-time with followers," as wallstreetpoint.com explains:
  3. And viewers will "have a central place to quickly discuss the latest events with the journalist on the scene, whether it’s at an Apple event, a developer conference like F8, or in Syria documenting the refugee situation," says Venture Beat:
  4. Poynter points out: "Opening Mentions to journalists is the latest overture from Facebook to the world of media, and it signals that the social media giant is looking to strengthen its position as a destination for news."
  5. And according to Wired: "The Mentions app also lets users monitor what people are saying about them, follow topics that interest them, see what’s trending on Facebook, and have a greater ability to decide with whom they share their posts."
  6. More reports:
  7. Facebook announced Live for public figures early last month:
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