1. One-fifth of U.S. Internet users are already interested in livestreaming via Meerkat and Periscope, according to The Motley Fool:
  2. Particularly with young audiences, the "lack of choreography is key to building credibility," according to the BBC:
  3. But college.usatoday.com says Periscope won't be taking off with millennials:
  4. Here is a hack. This video tutorial will enable you to use Periscope on your desktop or laptop, as I have mentioned in past posts:
  5. Using the periscope app on your computer
  6. Livestreaming "can add a spicey interactive element to the learning experience," according to a post at edsurge.com:
  7. A Peek at Periscope’s Potential—and Privacy Concerns—in the Classroom #edtech #edtechchat
  8. A surgeon took questions on Periscope while performing a procedure recently in Ohio:
  9. The Washington Post looked at technologies that could come into play during upcoming political campaigns:
  10. There's a good summary of the impact of the impact of live-streaming video on professional spots at CIO.com:
  11. Now, Periscope has been banned at Comic-Con too:
  12. Legal experts are now raising concerns that these amateur broadcasters risk violating federal privacy laws by posting raw, unedited video as it happens, according to a report from KPHO in Phoenix:
  13. And softpedia.com has an update on a patched vulnerability:
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