1. Man in penguin costume lying on bed
    Man in penguin costume lying on bed
  2. Is US policy replacing page three? What is making the online tabloid news this week? Find out over on Voice of Russia UK Edition. A live broadcast radio website with news and interesting debates. Included are interesting links about each journalist found online via Storify.
  3. US policy on Russia: Engagement or derailment?
  4. Sex education in schools: Can this help tackle sexual abuse?
  5. Telling It Like It Is: Sex, power and "useless" Obama
  6. Child trafficking in Nepal highlighted in London film premiere
  7. VoR UK receives International Media Excellence Awards Among those distinguished was Juliet Spare, who...
  8. In this post you will find a few videos for you to watch when you are on the move. Included are various helpful links for you to find out more about each journalist: Alexander Nekrassov, Dimitry Linnik and Juliet Spare. If you find this post helpful be sure to share with followers on social media. Thanks for reading!
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