Ukraine, Governments, Financial Markets, Borders, Struggles And Victories

News about the Ukraine. A personal overview of history with other helpful views about understanding world views and experiences about governments, financial markets and the struggles at the border.

  1. Ukraine like many countries around the world has higher expenditures than what it actually earns. The countries it exports and imports with for everything is as follows: Russia, China, Germany, Belarus, Turkey, Egypt, Poland and many other countries. Compared to the rest of the countries in the world they are the 40 st country spending more than they earn. The employment in the country is on par with many other parts of the world, struggling to keep work and the work force going to balance the scales of outgoings and incomings. The annual revenue that this country generates is three figure in the billions according to last years economic predictions. The global  services they provide is one of the amazing things they have to offer the world economy. Alongside the countries rich resources like Magnesium and the arable land. Currently the country has just ended a months of dissonance and protests. Over the past few years politically there has been a couple of changes of leadership. Soon there may be a referendum to find out if the countries newly elected political structure is as it should be. The majority of people in the country will hopefully get there say in what has happened. The vote of the people in politics is much more important than any aggressively imposed changes. The recent revolution sparked by support from German who help fund the protests are now calling on the EU and its position in the EU to support it financially in assisting the Ukraine overcome this years gap in incomings and outgoings. Ukraine has a lot to offer the world and hopefully will be out of debt soon. A vote would be a really good thing, and because the whole world is watching its a great time for Ukrainians to show the world what they have to offer. The Ukraine is a big supporter of sport, they love football and very passionate about extreme sports so this years winter olympics was very exciting for everybody. The understandable concern and probably why the protest happened is because 25% of people in Ukraine are below the economic poverty line. Additionally the balance of wealth like in every other major country is quite far apart. The usual figures are about less than 1% owning the majority of the wealth, these figures are very similar around the world. Ukraine is a very proud country and my hope is that the residents in Ukraine with financial weight come back to their country to support them during this difficult time. Left to long they could go home and find quite a different country. Its great that the EU have agreed to help out but my hope is that everyone else who are part of the UK are ok and able to get access to the money they need during these difficult economic times. Globally Germany is part of the G meetings along with America, Russia, UK, Canada and many other countries offered to sit around and show the world that peace is now possible. and forge an economic alliance that supports and brainstorms all the ins and outs of economic struggles, prepare and agree to support one another during natural disasters, as well as help raise cash for countries outside of this sphere for things like humanitarian and medical aid. There is also a shared agreement in the financial system whereby banks that control the ebb and flow of the market prices can get together and negotiate about future investments. Russia this week somehow lost 10% on its currency the Rubel. Which shows how powerful this global union actually is. When Russia shown its support for organisation and faith in the common structures that most of us rely and depend upon around the world. The temperament seems to be quite the opposite of people online who are anti establishment, perhaps jaded by their own experience of the legal and police brutality video's constantly sprouting up on Youtube. Is it possible that people are just projecting there own distemper on another country because they feel stuck in their own? Overtime most countries have developed systems in place where the best approaches are used. Over the years we have seen attacks around the world from other countries who are positively supportive of one rule fits all. However this is always quite barbaric, unjust, targeting leaders and putting more on more pressure on people behind the scenes in the financial sector, property owners who's property get damaged in these active events of violence during the protests, fights and other stuff. The arguments levied using the terms dictators, dictatorship and other glossaries that use terminology to justify a rigid understanding of democracy. The great thing about democracy is as a world we can understand what is legible in our own experience in our own countries. The confusion seems to be when you take away respected people of power who have perhaps failed in someway and then leave the country unsupported with an infrastructure that know body recognises or has any faith in. Time and time again we have seen this happen and we forget about it because we focus on individuals and call them dictators. The reality is dictators and holocausts have proved how bad this can get, though we have not experienced what Hitler did around Europe and nor should it. The reality is nothing has been that extreme. The Ukraine years ago also experienced The Mongolian Khans who invaded years ago and was a strategic point in ending the second world war. They were also the catalyst caught in a lot of the aggravation a decade or so before the first world war with Germany happened. And it was not just Germany. We have all experienced similar hardship, from the Roman Empire, the Turkish with the more positive Ottaman Empire and of course the well admired strategic positioning of boats in harbours around the world during the silk trade of the British Empire. Just mentioning these things brings up the civil wars, in America this seems to be the North and South wars and like all sorts of countries these historical memories are very nostalgic, personal and part of somewhere is this countries culture and identity. The nostalgia may exist but the reality is after the terrible things we have seen over the years and the dramatic change in the weather we all know another battle, argument or disagreement is not the answer. So lets put a bit more faith in the vote, cling on to the faith of the infrastructure the world has developed. As well as give thanks to the cultural steps we have taken to integrate and live together, sharing each others faiths, beliefs and confusions rather than focus on all the idiosyncrasies and other psychological babble. The rhetoric wheel works well for now, but once all these problems have been aired the danger is that we forget about all the happiness, laughter and making up. 
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