JustHacking 2016

Join Ana Henneberke and Jamie Parkins as they bring you all the hackathon updates live from JustGiving HQ!

  1. Thanks everyone for following the JustGiving 2016 Hackathon, I hope you enjoyed! Keep an eye on our tech blog for more pictures and a write up of these two amazing days of creativity, collaboration and innovation! Ana :-)


  3. Hackathon demos LIVE broadcast!

  4. Find out the amazing things that the teams have built.
  5. Lab in true hackathon and Christmas spirit!

  6. We take stickers very seriously! :-)

  7. And the clock is ticking...

  8. Pressure in ON!!!

  9. We're doing a live broadcast of our Hackathon showcases at 4pm!

  10. It's Christmas Jumper Day!

  11. It's a jolly woolly Friday at JustGiving, with many of us showing off our Christmas Jumpers. You can get involved in this wonderful cause right here!
  12. Boost your creativity with mindfulness!

  13. Studies have shown that mindful practice actually improves innovative and creative thinking, that's why during the hackathon our own Simon Perrott ran two mindfulness sessions!
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