1. So there I was, laying in bed after a long night of not sleeping (for no reason that I can find), when I run across this interview with Nine Inch Nails née Trent Reznor. 
  2. And it's fine. He's going to be back on top, this time it's all better than before, he's funny and charming, whatever. But some of his comments get a rise out of me, and I end up tweeting:
  3. And that's all it took. I'm not a fan of nostalgia in general, and the current crop of throwback artists highlighted at this past Grammy awards have been getting under my skin.
  4. As demonstrated here:
  5. And thereafter, internet-pal of my wife and music critic-extraordinaire Chris Weingarten tweeted:
  6. ...which pretty much destroys everything I said.

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