1. First and foremost, agriculture is a very important part of the some economies. For instance the US has contributions totaling up to $200 billion. In addition to that shifts in the climate can cause different conditions that will affect crop yield in a negative manner. Causing a negative affect to places that depend heavily on agriculture as significant contributing portions of their economy.
  2. Climate Change and Agriculture: America's Heartland
  3. As stated in the video above the crops above the general concern is that there will be a negative effect towards the food supply. Many of the risks associate with smaller yields, a higher need for irrigation systems due to having altered water accessibility, more pests from altered weatheer patterns, reduced arable land, and lastly alterations to farming practices. While some of these may seem feasible to places that are developed, for developing places making significant changes in order to preserve agriculture may not be as easy. The culmination of these changes add strain to the food system and can cause harm in the long run.
  4. The reduction in the food supply is a bigger issues because also because of the implications it has towards world hunger. According to a syudy conducted by the united nations regarding population growth in June 2015, the current population of 7.3 billion is projected to grow to 8.5 Billion. A decrease in food supply yield due to climate change will cause more harm in the future in the present because world hunger will increase due to having more people and having less people from a decrease in yield production.
  5. Here we see the countries that are most affected by climate change are the developing ones and so we must take effective action, especially since there are some countries that are very vulnerable.
  6. Food impact and insecurity is a key topic this year at the COP 21 conference and it will be great to see what kinds of solution or remediation methods that are developed in order to address the issue of climate change and food supply impact especially in the countries where it matters most. Change is inevetibale in response to climate change but hopefully this conference will help us strive more for a beneficial change rather than the looming negative ones.
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