My #CUE16 Experience

My #CUE16 Annual Conference story in tweets.

  1. There's always a lot of prep work getting ready to present a concurrent session. I always learn at least as much while I am prepping as I knew when I submitted my proposal! Here's a slide I included in my "Students Are Makers" presentation that illustrates some of the types of activities that can take place in makerspace programs. I shared the slide twice on Twitter before the presentation to get feedback, and was able to improve it through lots of feedback:
  2. Gail Desler and I collaborated on our "Can I Use That?" session, and had multiple online meetings comparing notes as we prepared. Then, of course, we encouraged people to attend our session:
  3. At the opening session on Thursday with my friend and conference roommate, Liz Dodds:
  4. Hearing Brad Montague, who works with the Kid President to create his videos, was inspiring. The Kid President's amazing optimistic attitude it contagious and a reminder of how important it is to treat everyone with kindness and show that we value them.
  5. My next stop was a session about creating transformational makerspaces from a team from Los Alamitos School District. Lots of good ideas here.
  6. I just ordered a green screen kit for our library and was anxious to get ideas of how best to help students use it for video projects. I got a lot of good help from this session. Slides:
  7. I was so glad to hear Anna sharing the importance of teaching students about respect for intellectual property when they create videos and other creative projects. And I loved this quote from Mark Loundy!
  8. Along with all the great sessions, meeting up with and networking with friends is priceless!
  9. FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel spoke about the digital divide and how many students in our country don't have access to the Internet in order to complete their homework assignments. She shared thoughts on changes we need to make to support them.
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