Searching for the Blues?

My friend Cholo's passing - brings the blues. Or I could say I hear the blues with a new sound. There's murder there in it in the old days, isn't there? Meditation: You dont have to look for it. It is looking for you.

  1. Drained and despairing this morning, heavily contemplating the truly heartless killing of our neighborhood icon, Cholo. As my friend Bruce said on the TV news, he always had a smile when you came in, I am sure often under difficult circumstances. I was always happy to go to the hardware store , which was itself a hark back to happier times, and see him, and then go home and fix something with the neat stuff he sold. Do you have mollies, I asked. Mollies? Do you mean drywall anchors, he asked. I need some mouse traps. Are you going to kill the meeses, he joked. Ah, Saturday afternoons. This is a gigantic hole now in our neighborhood. My prayers are for his soul, his family, and our neighborhood.
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