Quick Recap: An Evening With David J. Morris At UCLA

Some tweets, links, and thoughts about an evening with David J. Morris, author of The Evil Hours—A Biography of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, at UCLA's The Friends of The Semel Institute for Neurosciences and Human Behavior. February 16, 2016

  1. Note: I am adding to this collection as I process thoughts from last night, discover additional items of interest and reactions to my tweets from fellow advocates and healthcare stakeholders. February 17, 2016.
  2. I have a personal interest in PTSD and Medical Trauma.
  3. My interest in PTSD dates back to the first time I was told I might have it—somewhere in the late '90s, a few years after my first cancer diagnosis.
  4. Then, last December I came to the realization that I'd spent the last five years trying to muscle my way through unresolved trauma related to my second and third cancer diagnoses....
  5. My interest in Medical Trauma is brand new: last December, I reached out to an acquaintance who happens to be a therapist and international expert in trauma, and we spoke at length. She used the term "Medical Trauma" to encapsulate some of my experience. That was the first time I encountered the concept intellectually, and it resonated big time....
  6. ... Later, I researched #PTSD on Twitter, and the most interesting thing I found was a reference to The Evil Hours, by David J. Morris. I borrowed it from the library and could not put it down.
  7. I also learned Morris would be giving a talk at UCLA and I signed up immediately.
  8. Here's Morris's website:
  9. Tonight, at the event, I got my own copy. I went back to the page that had struck me—one of many—and found another gem: "Trauma is the savagery of the universe made manifest within us."
  10. I think Morris might be referring to post-traumatic growth here:
  11. This is a question that has preoccupied me since childhood, learning about the Holocaust while growing up in Apartheid South Africa.
  12. The During: how do you survive with your soul and heart intact while at Auschwitz? While imprisoned on Robben Island for 27 years?
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