TV Tech Trends

Trending Tech in U.S. for the Future of TV

  1. In Age of Information, how can consumers sort and compare what the best options are for their home entertainment centers? This Storify is here to help. Tech and Entertainment industries are talking about the new entertainment technology and content options. If you’re the average consumer, it’s difficult to keep up with the speed of changing entertainment technology. Just as you saved up enough for a shiny new 3D television set the television itself got an upgrade. The latest tech in TV ditches the 3D glasses and now being offered in 4K resolutions for curved smart televisions. For the content, instead of buying a smart television or a game console, you can get connected through the Roku TV box. If you ditched your TV and cable box completely and are cruising online only, YouTube has original content through companies such as DreamWorks’ acquisition with AwesomenessTV on YouTube.


    Maybe you’re a traditionalist and you don’t want the extra consoles or multi-screens. You have options such as Comcast now offers movies and TV episodes video-on-demand (VOD). For those who cut their cable cord but miss the programs and love video games, Sony is working on a new PlayStation-based online television service. It’s a cloud-based service that could cause disruption in traditional cable media industries.  

  2. LG전자, 2014 CES서 ‘간편한 스마트’와 ‘감동의 화질’로 새로운 가능성 연다
    LG전자, 2014 CES서 ‘간편한 스마트’와 ‘감동의 화질’로 새로운 가능성 연다
  3. Digital Media is KILLING Television!
  4. Cut Cable TV and Replace It With Cheaper Alternatives (Roku, Off-Air Digital TV)
  5. No matter what your preferences for watching your favorite shows and movies, households have a wide assortment of options available today. It used to be that if a household couldn’t afford cable television than they missed out on all of the content. The Internet, technology upgrades for television sets, and game consoles are all growing at fast speeds. Entertainment tech is changing to improve our ability to use tables, smart phones and televisions on the go. Even in the home, people now have many ways to find their favorite content and watch them on a variety of devices on any budget. 

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