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What's the latest scoop with changes in the way the Internet works without Net Neutrality.

  1. Understanding Net Neutrality

  2. In an interview with Jake Mertz, Founder and Director ofProject Sidus, Mertz is concerned with the Comcast and Time Warner merger. Hesays, “they’re already two huge companies that have a large market share, andthem merging will mean that they have an even bigger monopoly, which, last timeI checked, there's a law against that.”
  3. Net Neutrality - Special Interests keep wishing for death
    Net Neutrality - Special Interests keep wishing for death
  4. Mertz explains, “the more control they have, the lessfreedom there will be online, since they will want to get a cut of everything,and make everything cost money, so if you don't want to pay, you don't getaccess.”
  5. The Case Against Net Neutrality Regulation.wmv
  6. In Mertz opinion, he says “websites that exists now, likeYouTube and Reddit would either no longer exist, or be perverted to suit theirgreedy ends. Without Net Neutrality being enforced, they can pick and choosewhich sites get the high speeds users need to view their content.”
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