1. Social media and the crowdsourcing power of the internet sometimes prove more powerful than traditional print media. I found this to be true once again yesterday after I started reading the Vancouver Courier's breakdown of the different candidates across Metro Vancouver.
  2. To their credit, the Courier journalists went to their best effort to include some information about each of the various fringe and independent candidates. Here's what they wrote about the candidates in my constituency, Vancouver Quadra.
  3. The first issue I spotted was the Pirate Party candidate's name is actually Trevor Walper. He's a friend of mine from the local skeptics community, so I know he uses a different name on Facebook than in real life. I pointed this out and the Courier was quick to correct their online version.
  4. But then, in my own fascination with "fringe" candidates, looked up the YouTube channel they found for Marijuana Party candidate Marc Boyer.
  5. But I quickly realized, that's not the same person who spoke for the Marijuana Party at the all-candidates debate I attended at Kitsilano Community House on October 4. I double checked this on Twitter and a couple people did manage to get a photo at the event.
  6. Watching a bit of some of the YouTube videos (something I don't recommend), I spotted some similar conspiratorial ideologies in both people. Namely that there's a One World Order trying to take over and you can declare yourself an independent citizen to avoid prosecution in federal courts. However, the guy at the debate is clearly not the guy in the videos, so who's the real Marc Boyer?
  7. Enter my friends on Facebook who confirmed that the guy in the video is Marc Boyer who's run for various elections under the Marijuana banner. Here's his 2014 Vancouver municipal election profile.
  8. But it seems the guy who appeared on October 4 was another Marc Boyer, based on his candidacy Facebook Page.
  9. Both Marc Boyers registered their candidacy with the same address and phone number, and based on their Facebook pages are likely father and son.
  10. So it seems the Marijuana torch has passed from father to son, making this one of the most obscure political dynasties in Canadian politics. It also means the Courier described the wrong Marc Boyer in their profile; but it's hardly their fault. There's scant information online differentiating the two and their positions seem to overlap.
  11. Finally, it's worth noting that the Marijuana Party of Canada seems to be in no way related to the BC Marijuana Party founded by activist Marc Emery and later led by Dana Larsen.
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