1. David Stokes, introduced the final day of Business Connect.
  2. Simon Wheatcroft, (@andadapt) provides an truly inspiring and humbling story of how he has overcome blindness to become an endurance runner, with the help of technology from Runkeeper, Bluemix and IBM.
  3. IBM Cloud Hero | Runkeeper
  4. J.P. Rangaswami, (@jobsworth) Deutsche Bank, gave us a view from a traditional bank and his insight into what banking is really about trust and trust is based data.
  5. David Brear, (@davidbrear) provided his insights how he sees the face of banking is changing, #fintech and what the barriers are to change and transformation in traditional banks. Culture is still a major issue when it comes to making the right change happen.
  6. "Digital banking is only 1% finished" David Brear
  7. "Digitized products are not the same as digitized services"
  8. Tom Blomfield (@t_blom) took us behind the customer imperative for starting Monzo Bank - taking the pain out of managing your money.
  9. Through Tom's own experience with banks how they fail to understand the customer. Tom wants to humanize the banking experience to build trust.
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