5 times the media couldn't deal with a woman running for President

  1. Media outlets are quick to judge some of Donald Trump's remarks as sexist derogatory, however few have called the media itself into question. What about its own use of language? How do their own headlines treat their subjects? As the possible first female president of the free world, Hillary Clinton has come under much scrutiny... but not because of her government policies. The media has been quick to comment on her ability to ‘cope’ as a president after falling ill. It has even been questioned how she could possibly juggle being both the president and a grandmother (perhaps she has superpowers?!). Compare this to Donald Trump or Mitt Romney, who have eight and three grandkids respectively but have campaigned free of such coverage.
  2. Popular sitcom writer and Clinton supporter Lena Dunham told Variety that “the way that Hillary Clinton’s been talked about in the media is so gendered and rabidly sexist... Whether it’s the attacks on her personal life or the adjectives that are used to describe her clothing, we have to do a full re-examination.”
  3. The time Hillary spoke at the same level as other public speakers but it was "shouting"

  4. Clinton raised her voice in excitement after winning 4 states during the primaries and was scolded for it…How could she?! You better take Howard’s advice Hillary!
  5. The time Hillary's voice was described as shrill

  6. Geraldo Rivera Mocks Hillary Clinton: ‘She Shouts’
  7. A passionate woman is apparently an angry woman: not only was her performance mocked as angry but also her appearance.
  8. The time Hillary got a bit ill and suddenly she wasn't fit to be President

  9. ... and every time she has coughed since has been documented.

  10. Hillary Clinton caught pneumonia and the media went into meltdown. Everyone gets ill but when Clinton’s ill, so is her presidential ability. Any sign of weakness and Hillary’s hopeless.
  11. The time it was announced Hillary was going to be a grandmother and suddenly she couldn't possibly hold two titles

  12. Being a grandmother and President shouldn’t have to be mutually exclusive. Apparently a woman is only interested in children and couldn’t possibly have any more aspirations in life.
  13. The time Hillary's outfit was the sign of her future failings

  14. The NY Post wrote: "While it remains to be seen how Clinton’s fashion upgrade will ultimately resonate when the general election officially kicks off — in part because style has always been a sticky topic for her” – We didn’t know a candidate's fashion sense would determine the success of their campaign.
  15. Keep up the great work!

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