1. And we're off! Cool, had no idea what the topic would be going in, can always use some ELL strategies!
  2. Ahhhh, already a much nicer pace then my first chat. Feels like I have a chance to read and comprehend a little bit this time :)
  3. Yay! Mike has joined the room. #csusminthehouse
  4. Excellent resources shared in Q2! Time to Diigo these ASAP.
  5. I am sooooo interested in learning more about gamification (and also a bit confused about what it is exactly). I'd love to see this in action in a classroom!
  6. Was a little confused by this question (Q4, the way it was worded). Still sort of wondering if she means standardized tests, or class tests, or any test; and also what she means by "after 2 years" (related to a certain CELDT score? - ex: 2 years after a CELDT score 1?). I should have asked for clarification but was feeling shy.
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