1. Joined my first Twitter Chat on Monday April 6th at 6pm! Wow, talk about hit the ground running...this was a very popular, super fast chat. Good thing I had my coffee :)
  2. Joining in with guest moderator and Google guru Jonathan Rochelle, co-founder of #GoogleDocs and @GoogleDrive
  3. And we're rolling. Introductions and supportive replies.
  4. Q1: Most responded that they were 100% digital/paperless right of the bat. A few chimed in that they want to keep a mix to "enjoy tactile too". A few of us wondered how to take full advantage of this without a 1:1 teaching environment.
  5. Q2: Great discussion generated. Lot of playful, humorous back and forth between key players too. Good times.
  6. Q&A 3: Awesome reminders on the importance of stealing and repurposing :)
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