UK HIV network discuss GBV

The London event brought together experts to share knowledge and collaborate to tackle the issue of GBV.

  1. SWIFT is a UK and Ireland-based ‘knowledge network’ bringing together healthcare providers, researchers, activists and advocates interested in research on HIV and women.
  2. On 12 June 2017, the group held a meeting about gender-based violence to:
    · Highlight work done in the area
    · Foster collaboration
    · Address current knowledge gaps
  3. The session was chaired by Dr Rageshri Dhairyawan.
  4. Dr Dhairyawan's opening presentation gave an introduction and overview of GBV and HIV in the UK. The talk drew attention to the linkages between intimate-partner violence and HIV infection.
  5. STRIVE founding Research Director, Professor Charlotte Watts, now Chief Scientific Advisor at DFID, presented on global perspectives on gender-based violence and HIV.
  6. Prof Watts' talk revealed that physical or sexual violence affects more than one third of all women globally.
  7. Violence against women has many manifestations - it is not only physical violence that contributes to women's vulnerability to HIV.
  8. But violence is not inevitable!
  9. The SASA! trial in Uganda showed that community mobilisation around power and gender was effective in reducing violence against women and the associated HIV risk. A number of STRIVE papers analyse the data to understand how the intervention achieved its impact.
  10. Find out more about SASA! in this video!
  11. The presentations were followed by brainstorming sessions in groups and discussion about future steps.
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