Bruce Jenner tells all

After months of speculation in pop magazines and entertainment news, Bruce Jenner finally spoke out about his gender transition in an interview with Diane Sawyer, ABC News journalist.

  1. Bruce Jenner, In His Own Words
  2. Jenner had 10 children to inform of his transition. The first one was Kim Kardashian, although she is not one of his biological children. He later informed his youngest children, who showed their support of his decision via Twitter. They referred to him as their "hero." Jenner admitted to ABC News that he was not around a lot for his eldest children, saying, "The big formative years for [my sons], I was really struggling with these issues."
  3. In addition to Jenner's interview, ABC News posted a video to inform it's audience of what being transgender means and how the process works. The video revealed that being and becoming transgender is not black and white--there are many grey areas.
  4. E! will release an 8-part series documenting personal moments throughout Jenner's transition. The series hopes to normalize gays, lesbians, transgenders and all of the in-betweens in society. The documentary is expected to air mid-summer 2015.
  5. Jenner is an Olympic gold medalist and has been married three times, making it hard for some to believe that he considers himself a woman. Some speculate that Jenner came forward with his gender identity as a publicity stunt. He denied the accusation, saying to Sawyer, "Are you telling me I'm going to go through a complete gender change and go through everything you need to do to do that for the show?"
  6. Since the interview, Jenner has been using hormones and has had plastic surgery done in order to appear more feminine. According to CBS News, some close to Jenner have started to call him by "her" new name.
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