Student Voice Twitter Chat

Student voice Twitter chat, my first chat!

  1. Expanding my digital horizons, here I come Twitter!
  2. Its one thing for educators to discuss pedagogy, Student Voice actually had the genious idea to include the students.
  3. Im in CA, Zak Malamed is in NY... Making connections across the country, I love it.
  4. Here we go !
  5. Professor Timothy Leary who teaches at RBV in CA helped me to truly realize this, thank you professor.
  6. Student Voice is asking great questions.
  7. We must get our students to engaging with technology.
  8. I love the student input here, great insight.
  9. Lets get our students interacting, not just sitting in there chair silent all period.
  10. Still figuring it all out, haha... Hang in there with me I will get this down!
  11. It seems we are in agreement here.
  12. Question #3
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