There's no good place for nuclear waste

In December 2015, 25 tonnes of controversial nuclear waste arrived in Australia on board a rust bucket ship. The government tried to hush the whole thing up - so we exposed the scandal.

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  3. Australians don’t want their country to become a nuclear waste dump.

  4. A poll of 3,144 Australians found that 72.1 percent of respondents opposed Australia accepting nuclear waste from overseas.
  5. So when a Greenpeace investigation found toxic waste returning to Australia contained quantities of plutonium, we had some questions.

  6. This Australian-made nuclear waste has been processed in France for ten years, and now it’s back in Oz. And there’s a heated argument going on about what’s actually in it. The French authorities say it’s high-level waste. Our government says it’s intermediate-level. France says there’s still some plutonium in it. Our government says there isn’t.
  7. Everything about this is dodgy. So seeing as the government won’t tell us what’s going on, Greenpeace activists decided to document the waste’s arrival - from out at sea all the way to Lucas Heights.
  8. Greenpeace volunteers and activists bore witness to the ship's arrival.

  9. And it was clear: the ship was indeed a "rust-bucket".

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