The Global Achievement Gap - Chapters 1 & 2

Tony Wagner Book Storify Response

  1. I think this quote is true. Without new information changes that need to be made can't really take place.
  2. I agree that memorization to the extent that was done for standardized tests is not training students minds effectively. Critical thinking and problem solving are especially important for students to learn.
  3. This observation from the Wagner book is a sign of the situation in many classrooms. Students either listen to the teacher or are expected to work silently alone.
  4. This quote is interesting, as I think that if one is adaptable and able to learn, than they can likely understand and learn most technology relatively quickly. Therefore, it isn't as necessary to already know how to use all the technology tools but be unable to learn new ones, as much as it is important to be able to learn new ones.
  5. Interesting that Jaimi's experience at her school site is similar to the observations of Wagner. I think this indicates a common trend of teaching to the test across many schools.
  6. I think it is true that many teachers do not like to try anything that might fail. Most champions have experienced failure though.
  7. I think this is a common problem in many classrooms. Many students do not want to be engaged, or aren't engaged. Much of this may have to do with some models of teaching, such as teaching to the test.
  8. We teach in the 21st century. The old skills of memorizing are not as useful anymore for students entering into the workforce. Whereas, critical thinking, curiosity and effective communication are.
  9. I choose this graphic as my closing information because I think creating situations of student-centered learning are one of the best ways to change many of the previous models of teaching that haven't worked well.
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