Making a Proper Cup of Tea: An Instagram Story

One way to make a proper cup of tea.

  1. I have been drinking tea for many years. In my mid-teens I started to really appreciate the art of selecting, making and enjoying tea. I learned about where tea came from; interesting and far off places like Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Indonesia, India and China. Over the years I have learned a bit about how to go about making a good cup of tea. I have seen a large increase in the amount of good quality tea and related products in America since I started being interested in the mid-2000's. So, in this story I will tell you one way to make a proper cup of tea.
  2. Start by finding a quality tea merchant that has a good selection of loose leaf tea. Loose leaf tea is higher quality than most tea found in regular tea bags (though there are some bags that have loose leaf tea in them which are good).
  3. Select the type of loose leaf tea you want. I chose the Extra Fancy Assam. It is a very dark, strong black tea from the Assam region of India.
  4. Purchase the tea.
  5. You will want a good quality water to make the tea with. Spring water is good. It is fresh and clean but not as filtered and lacking in minerals as distilled water which is too filtered for the best cup of tea.
  6. Fill a mug with the spring water.
  7. Bring the water to a roiling boil. Most would probably recommend using a tea kettle to boil the water instead of a microwave. However, I don't think it makes too much of a difference. Microwaves or more practical and readily available. If you can though, a kettle is great.
  8. Get a good spoonful of loose leaf tea from the container. 2-3 tablespoons (I don't measure) is good for a large cup of tea.
  9. Fill a sachet with the tea. I got these at Peet's and they work well.
  10. When the water is done place the sachet into the hot water. Let it steep for about 3-5 minutes.
  11. After the tea has had time to steep for a few minutes, remove the tea sachet and enjoy. Take some time to consider the complexities of the tea and reflect in general.
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