Destination Local - website analytics for hyperlocal publishers

As part of Nesta's Destination Local Action Research in Audience Analytics project, we're running a series of Twitter hours. Our first was on omnichannel and this, our second, was on website analytics and how hyperlocal publishers can utilise them in order to better understand their audience.

  1. I kicked-off the conversation with a question about audience engagement figures for hyperlocal or small organisations' websites, and what 'good' looks like. Our expert, digital consultant and founder, One Further recommended aiming for a percentage of your local population.
  2. On the back of some recent work led by social media analytics expert Jemima Gibbons (her online video tutorial will be published soon), I mentioned Jemima's thoughts on good engagement rates for social media - being 2-3% of your fans / followers.
  3. Drew Rose from The Bristol Cable was also keen to know about a target audience percentage, for a city-wide population.
  4. The natural link between website analytics and engagement, and social media analytics and engagement started to surface. Especially in regards to targeting and reaching an audience, as opposed to an audience that might simply happen to come across your website.
  5. Guy Phillips who runs a hyperlocal service in Bitterne Park, and Andy Smith who runs Telford Live offered some useful tips re. Twitter stats, including
  6. Going back to website analytics, Chris went into further detail in regards to taregtting and reaching website audiences.
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