Harper Lee's sequel creates controversy.

After news outlets announced the publication date of a sequel of To Kill a Mockingbird on Feb. 3, people speculated over the legality of it being published and the author's mental health.

  1. The announcement and reception
  2. The announcement of the publication of a sequel created a lot of excitement. But, it also spurred a lot of controversy. One of the arguments being that her sister, Alice, had died 3 months before and she was the one who took care of Harper Lee's affairs.
  3. Some even argue that it might be exploitation due to the fact that Lee in almost deaf, blind and in a nursing home. They also worry about the communication between HarperCollins publishing and the author, since they have done everything by talking with Lee's lawyer, Tonja Carter.
  4. In some articles, there's mention of her sister saying that Harper Lee would sign anything given to her by someone she trusts. And with her various lawsuits against people trying to exploit her, which her sister Alice lead, one wonders what her sister would think of the Watchman publication.
  5. A statement by Lee was even released to the media, and she dismisses claims of exploitation.
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