Spring-Ford Area School Board workshop, 3-17-14

Clinton Jackson was sworn in to make the board whole again and kids from Spring City and Limerick elementary schools showed off their special waves.

  1. Oh yeah, it was St. Patrick's Day, too...
  2. Clinton Jackson was appointed to the school board by a Montgomery County judge earlier this month.
  3. Clinton Jackson sowrn in to Spring-Ford Area School Board
  4. After the meeting, Jackson said, "The process is complete. Time to move forward in the best interests of the school district."
  5. Next came a few presentations.
  6. I'll try to explain it: they kind of linked thumbs together and flapped their fingers like a butterfly's wings.
  7. In "shark attack," gym teacher Stephen Ferko hands out "surf boards" to all the students and at some point calls "shark." Students then have to jump up on the board. He said it's not about being the fastest to jump up but making sure everyone gets on their boards together.
  8. To follow up the "resiliency" presentation, administration provided a look into the hybrid learning model being utilized at Spring City Elementary School.
  9. Hybrid learning involves students going through three different kinds of stations: one is independent learning, another is collaborative and the third is direct, where the teacher directly instructs and works with kids.
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