Phoenixville Borough Council Meeting, 3-11-14

Phoenixville Borough Council met Tuesday night for its quickest meeting so far this year. Water fees were debated and there was some tension that was eventually resolved.

  1. John Richard Lukowski Jr. received a letter of commendation from Mayor Mike Speck for attaining Eagle Scout status.
  2. There were 9 events asking for council's
  3. Ichter is head of the parks and recreation committee and suggested starting next month, those events could be examined by the parks and recreation committee before they go to council.
  4. For the annual Mom's House 5k, the charity has requested to waive the $25 application fee. Krack said they've done it in the past because the charity "has no money."
  5. Then came one of the longer-standing issues that's occupied the council especially in the last two months.
  6. The executive session lasted approximately 10 minutes.
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