Limerick Board of Supervisors meeting, 3-5-14

The Limerick Board of Supervisors met in a meeting that featured remembrance of active community member Donna Williams and featured final approval for moving forward on construction of the township's new public works building.

  1. Directly following he Pledge of Allegiance, the board of supervisors remembered Williams.
  2. Williams was a former Spring-Ford Area School Board member. That board remembered her at the start of their last meeting.
  3. Hassan had the idea of turning what was originally a PowerPoint presentation into a video with voiceover.
  4. The vote to repeal was unanimous.
  5. Limerick wants to build a new building to better accommodate its crews with more space for storing or housing equipment, vehicles and parts.
  6. The plan is to construct a prefabricated building measuring approximately 23,000 square feet. The project is slated to cost $2 million.
  7. The concern was over resurfacing down the line and potential conflicts which could arrise from who pays for it.
  8. Limerick Police Chief Bill Albany addressed the board on two different matters.
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