Oh, Pack It In

Over packaging isn't only just a nuisance, it's damn right annoying and unnecessary.... We need to #Packitin

  1. Ever feel like you've got too much rubbish to take out on bin day?

  2. Well, you're not alone. So many of us have been bombarded with 'over packaged' products, either in a shop or often sent to us by post. Imagine, you're super excited to get your parcel in the post, and then this turns up....
  3. Or worse, THIS...

  4. Those pesky polystyrene foam aren't even remotely recyclable, and will go straight to landfill. This packaging is a pain for not just us, but the overflowing landfill sites, and our planet too.
  5. Some people even actively avoid buying certain products because of their packaging.

  6. So here's some good (bad!) examples of those that really need to#PACKITIN!
  7. Anyone for some plastic coated muffins?
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