1. Luke Hohmann opening the day pointing out the key players in Participatory Budgeting (PB)
  2. Love that Sunnyvale Middle School is using participator budgeting to improv their school. Real world example of civic engagement already in school. That is the way to go. Earmark money for the students to decide what to improve and be surprised what they decide.
  3. Pasionate speech by Kip Harkness from City of San Jose. They are engaging 5000 people in their PB process.
  4. Kip while in the Peace Corps learned by asking why and what is the most important the people themselves came to great strategy on how to improve their lives.
  5. You get better results from participants if you don't switch on video during your online collaboration, as status is more equal.
  6. You get a deeper connection via video. You may want to start off and check in with video and then jump into your collaboration game with video off. To be tested out.
  7. Amys Lee reminds us that the real civic innovation is happening on city level, as state and federals are in gridlock. [Well, let's see how it will be with Trump.]
  8. Deliberative Decission Making as the tool to tackle wicked problems like homelessness. [Side note this man brought down homelessness by over 91% t.co/kSRYJG49Kl
  9. Susan Stuart Clark sharing about her What's Next Marin? initiative that discusses Housing/Transportation opportunities in Marin. Very timely as we are looking for a new place to live
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  11. Powerful presentation by Martha Amram: via software models, Wattzon wattzon.com/ is able to show cities the potential for jobs via energy saving initiatives.
  12. I like that comparison, one vote every four years in democracy, versus heat map of fluctuizatons of the stock market. Budget games bridge the gap, gets people to lean in and engage.
  13. Polling no match to engagement received via budget games. Love the example: What do you want to eat: Rats, pigeons, ants -- Or something like that.
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