1. Ballot referendum #1 passed overwhelmingly on Election Day!  Over 75% of voters confirmed a raise for subcontracted airport workers and others.  This is a huge victory for fair wages everywhere.  #YesOnOne!   

    On Election Day, Fight for Philly volunteers also joined PA Working Families, PCAPS, teachers, and many other supporters to collect signatures on a petition in favor of abolishing the School Reform Commission (SRC).  We helped get to more than 40,000 signatures, double the 20,000 signature threshold to get a Philadelphia ballot question!

    Check out where we were on Election Day, all around the city!
  2. That night, we joined POWER, PA Working Families, 32BJ SEIU, and others to celebrate our victory on question 1 and getting well over the 20,000 signatures required to get local control of schools on the ballot.
  3. Two days later, airport workers celebrated their victory at City Hall.
  4. And just this week, we delivered our petitions to City Council, with the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, PA Working Families, 32BJ SEIU, Action United, Youth United for Change, and more.
  5. This is what over 40,000 signatures looks like!
  6. The next step is having City Council approve our ballot question so YOU can vote on it in November.  It's time to abolish the state-controlled SRC and return our schools to local control!
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