1. On Tuesday, June 3rd, we took a bus to Harrisburg with the Raise The Wage PA coalition to join low-wage workers, clergy members, state representatives, and many more to pack the Capitol rotunda waving signs, chanting, and rallying in support of state legislation to raise the minimum wage.  An increase in the minimum wage would help over 1 million PA workers and help boost our economy.  Getting more money into the hands of hard-working, low-income people would lead to more consumer spending, and that would benefit all of us.  PA's job growth has lagged every other state that has raised the minimum wage since 2010.

    Low-wage workers in Harrisburg told the crowd about how much a wage increase could change their lives.  Many of the workers hold multiple jobs to make ends meet, barely get to see their families, and struggle to pay bills.  They need a raise.  A person in Pennsylvania working full-time, 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year, earns only $15,080 annually, well below the poverty line for a family of two.  That is simply not fair.
  2. The day started off with lobby visits to state representatives and state senators. Low-wage workers asked them to support raising PA's minimum wage to $10.10.
  3. Then hundreds turned out in the Rotunda for a massive rally.  
  4. State representatives and low-wage workers take to the mic to call on Governor Corbett and legislators to raise the wage. 
  5. Now we're keeping up the pressure!  Low-wage workers deserve a raise, and we're going to keep fighting!  
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