1. Open to Externals

  2. For the first time this year we 'officilly' opened up Friday of TELFest to external delegates. We only advertised it to the White Rose Learning Technology and Northern Blackboard user group, just to keep the numbers manageable. It was great to have so many external delegates attend and even better to hear that they found the event valuable. We've had some really positive feedback so far and it would be great to have an external call for participation for next year's TELFest. On a practical note though, there are more administrative tasks to consider when opening it up tp colleagues outside of the institution.
  3. TELFest Goodies

  4. This year our suppliers gave us quiet a lot of gifts, this included pens(Kaltura, Blackboard, Turnitin, PebblePad), squeezy pebbles(PebblePad), some hoodies(Turnitin) and packs of jelly beans (Kaltura). We also provided delegates with some practical gifts, that would remind them of us throughout the year; TELFest lanyards for their name badge and 'Refresh' water bottles, which meant that delegates could keep hydrated throughout TELFest but this also promoted our VLE refresh project.
  5. Journalisim Students - Live Coverage

  6. Like last year, we recruited two Journalisim students to cover the event. This year Jamie and Andrew (who also covered the event last year did an amazing job. They tweeted from the telfest account, filmed 'behind the scenes' footage from our presenters and delegates and created a daily blog post. You can see their amazing video here:  https://digitalmedia.sheffield.ac.uk/media/TELFest+2017+Best+Of/0_lzcrt2kb 
  7. Working with our students

  8. Its a hard time of year to get students involved in TELFest, as many of them have left for the summer. As well as working with our Journalisim Students, our student VLE ambassadors were activly engaged throughout the event, running drop in sessions and getting involved in panel discussions. A special thanks goes to Vincent Crasborn who is studying Engineering, he joined us the day after returning from holiday to share his team's experiences of creating 360 expereiences as part of a session on Creating Immersive VR Expereiences.
  9. Gamification, Gamifiction, Gamification

  10. Last year we ran a session called room 101, where academics put there technology pet hates into room 101. Following the success of this, we opened TELFest with a session called Faculty Fortunes (based on Family Fortunes or Family Feud for those that grew up in the states). As part of the session our staff and student team competed with each to answer questions from the surveys that we ran with both staff and students on their use of technology in learning and teaching. In the surveys we asked staff and students the same questions and were able to share these different responses, highlighting misconceptions and differences in the way that staff and students engage with technology and learning. The audience was also invited to play along too.
  11. There was also the crysTEL maze, where attendees completed a number of challenges in groups to attempt to figure out a pressing learning and teaching issue. Along the way, participants experienced different learning and delivery styles, with the aim of promoting appropriate use of technology, and taking some ideas / information that they can feed into their teaching.
  12. Every year we have a game running through the conference, this year we had a Twitter leaderboard, which we brought back from 2 years ago. Unlike before there was a daily winner and an overall winner. The overall winner won an Amazon Echo, courtesy of Blackboard:  https://digitalmedia.sheffield.ac.uk/media/TELFest+2017+Top+Tweeter+Winner/1_zeakxidp 
  13. There was also the opportunity to win a goPro (courtesy of Kaltura) by identifying a way that it could be used in teaching and learning. Our winner Michael's idea involved making: a series of short and intentionally 'informal' edits that are designed to support learners by giving insight into basic chemical and material processes including: Protein Purification and Chromatography through the medium off coffee, Water Bounce championships (Superhydrophobic surfaces) and Alginate Worms (Making Hydrogels). The informal element will come from telling parallel stories of the actual process and a metaphorical example. These will be designed to be engaging in a way that the audience engages with (short and informal) but with real educational content.

    Michael explained that: The form factor and perspective of the camera will be perfect for the look and feel desired for these videos. Ruggedness and water resistance will also be essential for getting a perspective that a 'standard' camera can't.
  14. External Seakers

  15. Once again, we had excellent external speakers. This is really important to our TELFest community, in ensuring that we don't get too insular in our thinking. On Friday our colleagues left us
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