1. The State of the European Union is an annual speech and debate during which MEPs review what the European Commission has done over the past year as well as to assess its objectives for the year to come.
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  9. Manfred Weber (German chair of the EPP group)
  10. "We stand behind Europe - Europe is the right path."
  11. On Brexit: "We need to tackle Brexit positively. We, as Europeans, have to say: Brexit means Brexit. This is going to be a very difficult path. But obviously Mr Farage will have to answer to his children about the bitter impact it will have on their country."
  12. "I very much liked the serious tone of this debate. Working together, the European Commission and Parliament are able to deliver. "
  13. Gianni Pittella (Italian chair of the S&D group)
  14. “We need to work on having a political union as well in Europe. That is our major challenge. People might say I am dreaming but we need to dream if we want to make things better. We need to have a strength which comes from the unity between the European Commission and the European Parliament.”
  15. “As Jacques Delors said: hand in hand we can win if we move forward together, we can make dreams a reality.”
  16. “Poverty, redistribution of income, inequality, social dumping and sustainable growth – these are our concerns and priorities. Thank you, Mr President [Juncker], for saying that they are also the priorities of the European Commission.”
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