Ukraine live: Putin to respect loan commitments to Kiev

*Ukraine president accepts PM and cabinet resignation *Parliament helds emergency meeting on crisis abolishing anti-protest law *Russia could reconsider the bailout offer to Ukraine if the government is removed *EU's Catherine Ashton in Kiev today *Putin in Brussels for tense EU-Russia summit

  1. Putins assures Moscow will abide to commitments on Ukraine loans

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said in Brussels that it would honour its obligations to lend Ukraine $15 billion and reduce its gas prices even if the opposition formed the next government. "Regarding you question whether we will review our
    agreements on loans and the energy sector if the opposition will take power ... No, we will not," Putin told a news conference after talks with European Union leaders in Brussels. The loan was to "support the people of Ukraine, not the
    government. It's the people, the common people that suffer," Putin said (Reuters).
  2. But at the same time, the russian president doubts on the need of a mediator as EU's Ashton in Kiev:
  3. Waiting for Putin-Barroso-Rompuy press conference in Brussels at the end of the EU-Russia summit. Ukraine is one of the main issues of the meeting when, according to russian officials quoted by the Wall Street Journal, Moscow could sanction Kiev for its concessions to the protesters. Live streaming euronews.
  4. Vote on amnesty bill suspended at Kiev's parliament

    The ukrainian parliament will resume the discussion tomorrow at 11h00. In the meantime protesters are erecting a "surveillance tower" among the city's barricades. The stand-off persists even after the PM and government resignation and the abolition, by the parlment, of the polemic anti-protests law today. Government officials were asking for protesters to dismiss as a condition to adopt an amnesty to detained activists.  

    Azarov's resignation and the suspension of the anti-protest law are the first concrete concessions by Yanukovich since the
    crisis erupted two months ago. But opposition leaders said they would continue to harness street power to wring even more gains from Yanukovich. "We have to change not only the government, but the rules of the game as well," declared boxer-turned-politician Vitaly Klitschko. "We are sure the struggle will continue," said Klitschko.
  5. Government and opposition seem faraway from an agreement on an amnesty bill. Parliament speaker says discussions to continue but further talks needed. Parliament session to resume tomorrow at 11h00 on the issue.
  6. Ukrainian PM Azarov Resigns

    “In order to create more opportunities for social and political compromise for a peaceful settlement of the conflict, I made a personal decision to ask the President of Ukraine to accept my resignation from the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine. All these difficult years, I did everything to Ukraine could develop normally as a democratic European country. I made the decision and took the responsibility to lead the nation of Ukraine. And because I can honestly look into the eyes of every citizen of our country, each fellow.” Full transcript here in ukrainian.
  7. Topless against Putin: Femen activists protest in Brussels
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