(LIVE) MH370: Satellite photos show 122 debris near Australian search area

* Early flights returning from search area; no objects seen - AMSA * Chinese relatives clash with Beijing police, slam Malaysia * Equipment for black box search arrives in Perth

  1. Chinese ice breaker Xue Long arrives to the area of searches in the Southern Indian Ocean
  2. Tuesday 25/03 Coverage

    * MH370 last signal sent at 00h19GMT *Searches cancelled in "northern corridor" *Chinese relatives clash with Beijing police, slam Malaysia * Malaysia PM says MH370 crashed in southern Indian Ocean * Bad weather forces suspension of search - AMSA * No hope of survivors; relatives distraught 
  3. "Until we recover and positively identify a piece of debris - all is speculation" - Australian Minister
    The Chinese news agency Xinhua quotes the Australian Defense Minister to report that, "the Australian military insist the truth of the final resting place of the Malaysian aircraft is far from determined, with Australia's defense minister telling reporters that the 'turning point' is yet to come".
  4. US's black box locator could be useless - Foreign Policy magazine
    The black box locator faces logistical nightmares that prevented it from being effective in other similar searches in the past. Authorities, in other words, may learn where the flight went down -- but they'll have a harder time finding the device capable of explaining why. FP's full article:
  5. Australian searches suspended due to bad weather, should resume tomorrow.
  6. MH370 last signal sent at 00h19GMT - Malaysian Transport Minister
    Satellite data that confirmed a Malaysian jetliner missing for more than two weeks crashed in the Indian Ocean included a final electronic signal that is still being investigated, Malaysian acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said on Tuesday.
    "There is evidence of a partial handshake between the aircraft and ground station at 0019 UTC (GMT)," Hishammuddin
    told a news conference. "At this time, this transmission is not understood and is subject to further ongoing work."
  7. Searches cancelled in "northern corridor" as searches focus in south area
    The Malaysian Transport Minister held a new press conference as the bad weather difficult the searches at Indian Ocean. Here's Hishammuddin full statement.
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