1. Summary
    Austria wins Eurovision 2014, first time since 1966.
    * Bearded drag queen Conchita Wurst triumphs with Rise Like a Phoenix
    * The Netherlands second, Sweden third.
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    * All times in CET
  2. 19h00 Hello. Sitting comfortably? It's that time of year again! It's time to drop your musical snobbery, open your mind and enjoy some full-on, Euro-pop loveliness.
  3. 19h10 So let's get things underway with this rather handy video of both semi-finals, held earlier this week.
  4. Eurovision 2014: All 16 songs (1st Semi-Final)
  5. Eurovision 2014: All 15 songs (2nd Semi-Final)
  6. 19h17 And, now, to complete our Euro-pop line-up, here are the entries for automatically-qualifying finalists from UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. 
  7. United Kingdom: Molly Smitten-Downes 'Children of the Universe' - Eurovision 2014 - BBC One
  8. Twin Twin - Moustache (France) 2014 Eurovision Song Contest
  9. Elaiza - Is It Right (Germany) 2014 Eurovision Song Contest
  10. Ruth Lorenzo "Dancing In The Rain" (Official Eurovision 2014 - Spain) Official Video
  11. Emma Marrone - La Mia Città (Italy) 2014 Eurovision Song Contest
  12. 19h32 I cannot imagine for one moment that the pure excitement and tension of Eurovision is not enough for everybody. But, in the unlikely event it's not, you could always add a financial incentive. Not that we advocate betting or anything...
  13. 19h40 Lots of pre-final chat has been about Austria's entry, Conchita Wurst with Rise Like a Phoenix: 
  14. #Eurovision #conchitawurst #RiseLikeAPhoenix
    #Eurovision #conchitawurst #RiseLikeAPhoenix
  15. 19h52 Want to know more about the bearded drag queen? Thought so: 
  16. WiwiBloggs Interview: Conchita Wurst (London Eurovision Party)
  17. 19h59 I'm sure you'll be wowed by the lyrics on display tonight. If you need to nail any of them for singing in the shower tomorrow, this site has everything you need.
  18. 20h01 If, like me, you only tune into Eurovision for the weird and wonderful, you might enjoy this little compilation from years gone by. Who could forget Hard Rock Hallelujah, Finland's entry in 2006? Me neither.
  19. 10 Weirdest Eurovision Song Contest Entries Ever
  20. 20h02 Just under an hour to go, now. Are you doing anything different for Eurovision? Tell using us #EurovisionSongContest2014. The weirder the better!
  21. 20h06 Fed up of the political or bloc voting that some claim ruins Eurovision? Well, this scorechart, from the organisers, might interest you, it lets you mark your own scores...
  22. 20h14 If you're of a certain age and from the UK, you'll appreciate this tweet! A famously bad singer from sitcom Only Fools And Horses...
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