JRMC202 Multimedia Writing - Twitter Scavenger Hunt

This story includes tweets from the twitter scavenger hunt assignment for my JRMC202 class. They include tweets written by myself, my top three favourite tweets from my classmates and my top three favourite tweets from other schools and the three responses I made to students from other schools.

  1. Farah mentioned that the fountain walkway behind the gardens and the food court makes for a perfect eating spot.
  2. The next three tweets are my top three favourite from my classmates.
  3. I picked this tweet as one of my 3 favourites because the photo shows  beautiful view from the top of the food court area. I thought it was creative that they went to the roof for the photo.
  4. I like how this person is honest about his fear of heights and his photo shows his sense of humour about it.
  5. And finally I like this tweet because I can relate to her fear of public speaking.
  6. The next three tweets are my top favourite from other schools.
  7. This photo is epic!
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