Helpful (and Clarifying) Info re Obama Guidance on Discipline

In light of Florida Senator Marco Rubio's letter to the Dept of Education and the Justice Dept, Kristen Harper, a former senior policy adviser in the office of special education and rehabilitative services under the Obama administration, took to Twitter to clarify what the guidance was. And wasn't.

  1. marco rubio looks at the crowd
    marco rubio looks at the crowd
  2. Senator Rubio sent a letter to Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to suggest that the 2014 federal guidance on school discipline may have been the reason that Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz was never referred to local law enforcement.
  3. Pay special attention to tweets #6 and #7. These are crucial and seem to contradict, or at least weaken, Rubio's argument.
  4. Yes! The debate needs to happen but only by those who can keep their politics out of it. Slim pickings, I know. But so refreshing to see Harper call for hard questions to be asked while also calling out those who prioritize finger pointing and blame over learning everything there is to know about what happened in Parkland.
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