Global Climate Change

Hayden Carr thinks the American public should step in now due to the dangerous consequences of decreasing temperatures and climate change on the rise.

  1. Global climate change has been an increasing issue for many countries including the US. Climate change refers to the changes in the global climate, which result from the increasing average global temperature. These changes include precipitation patterns, increased prevalent droughts, heat waves, and other extreme weather. Climate change raises a national security concern and has many underlying effects on society.
  2. Climate change impacts every natural resource. The increasing carbon dioxide concentration levels produce an increase in temperature, which then leads to an increase of drought, fire ,pests, or other stressors and results in decrease of forest productivity. The temperature rise also plays a role in the shifts of the distribution and composition of vegetation.
  3. Increasing temperatures not only affect natural recourses, but will also “lead to lower crop yields and lead to lower food supply,” according to Hayden Carr, a student at the University of Idaho in the College of Natural Recourses. This will directly affect food and water supply for plants and animals. Warmer water temperatures will result in less diverse fish populations and increased dissolved oxygen levels that will kill off fish populations. Reduced groundwater, water levels, and wetland coverage and more severe precipitation result in poorer water quality, less wildlife habitat, and species forced to migrate north.
  4. “With the upcoming global climate change we expect to see more extreme weather events, in those weather events we expect to see more droughts and more rain,” said Carr. A major issue of climate change is droughts. A drought is a prolonged period of time with abnormally low rainfall resulting in a shortage of water. The effect that climate change has on global warming directly correlates with the rising number of droughts. Global warming affects the movement of water into the atmosphere from land and water surfaces and plants due to evaporation and transpiration that then leads to an increased number of droughts and expansion of dry areas.
  5. Carr’s personal opinion about global climate change is that the American public should address it more. Other nations are accepting the fact that global climate change is actually occurring and it is not a political debate about whether it is or isn’t. These countries are now formulating ideas and concept plans to reduce the risk of climate change in the future. “This is something the US should be doing now,” emphasized Carr.
  6. Carr explained how only about 52% of the popular opinion of the American public actually agrees that climate change is actually occurring. “We need to change that opinion,” stated Carr. That way we can reduce the risk of climate change through educating people of the dangers that could occur. Carr believes that if more people were on the same page it would be more possible to reduce these risks and have a future that isn’t completely desolate.
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