Precision Medicine Champions of Change

On July 8, 2015, I was invited to attend an event at The White House to honor 9 Champions of Change in Healthcare. I'm so proud to call several of them my friends. Here is a glimpse of what the day was like!

  1. One of the key pieces of information that we were given upon arrival was an agenda complete with the Twitter handle of each participant and a hashtag to use when talking about the event on social media. They understand the power of social media and taking the conversation well beyond the walls of the conference room.
  2. Thats me! At the White House!!
  3. And this is Francis Collins, the current director of the National Institute of Health and leader of the President's Precision Medicine Initiative. Dr Collins was also one of the scientists who discovered the CF gene back in 1989. He's a celebrity in the CF community! Truly a remarkable man doing remarkable work.
  4. One of our very own! Emily Kramer-Golingkoff is an adult with CF who was honored by the White House for her work in finding treatment options for her super rare CF mutations. Truly precision medicine.
  5. Then the conversation started:
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